Christmas Time in the City

Going into New York City during the Holidays is one of my favorite things to do! All the buildings are decorated with lights and garland, the display windows are magnificently put together, and the ginormous Rockefeller tree gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. It was a very relaxed day with my mom and two aunts. We walked all around the city stopping to look at … Continue reading Christmas Time in the City

Fall Fashion

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been caught up in school, sports, and applying to college. Fall is one of the my favorite seasons. I love everything about it, the crisp air, turning of the leaves, and warm cozy sweaters. This year, this is one of my favorite Fall looks! I’m wearing some basic blue skinny jeans with a black tribal … Continue reading Fall Fashion

NYC Girls Trip

Hi everyone! I recently went into the city with my friends Lexie (, Nicole (, and Cammie. The weather was perfect! It wasn’t too hot and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. We had a very productive, adventurous, and fun day. I actually can’t believe how much we accomplished in one day! Here’s all the things we did… First, we got into Penn Station, hopped … Continue reading NYC Girls Trip

10 Helpful Packing Tips to Make Traveling Better

Hey everyone, so I know summer is a time when everyone loves to travel. I have some packing tips that I’ve learned over the years that are extremely helpful ┬áto me and make traveling so much easier. Packing can be stressful especially when you’re like me and can’t decide what to bring, so you pack literally EVERYTHING. Here are some tips to help make traveling … Continue reading 10 Helpful Packing Tips to Make Traveling Better