Service Trip

Hey guys, I recently got back home from a service trip in Frederick, Maryland. It was such a fun and eye opening experience! I have been on 2 other service trips prior to this one which have also been so rewarding. This past week I met 5 new amazing people who I grew closer to as the week went on. For the week, we were assigned to work on a house that needed multiple different projects to be completed. Throughout the week, my crew and I scraped, caulked, and painted the outside of the window frames of the house as well as built a new deck. To help build the deck, I pre-drilled all the holes in the banisters, put them up with my team of girls, and helped with much more! We all learned so much about constructing a deck considering none of us have done it before (so it was a challenge haha), but we got it done. Our resident was so grateful for all the work we did and we were so happy to do it for her!

On a little side note, we also had a half day on Wednesday so everyone I traveled to Maryland with and I went to a lake to swim, have a fun, and relax. It was such a gorgeous day out, and even though I’m a beach girl, I had a ton of fun.

FullSizeRender (13)

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I had an amazing time this past week! What activities have you been doing this summer?



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